Photo campaign

"United in Diversity - Giving Voice to the Unheard"
10 photographers, 3 collectives and independent publishers, for the first time together, give their images to Unity in Diversity, inspired by dialogue, to give voice to the unheard, through their lens, their work, their commitment.

Our special thanks to:
Arianna Arcara, Gabriele Micalizzi, Alessandro Sala, Luca Santese, Alessio Romenzi - CESURA
Chriss Aghana Nwobu - video featuring images from "Masked Burden", "Bring Back Our Girls", "My Nigerian Journey"
Paolo Woods, Gabriele Galimberti - RIVERBOOM -video featuring images from "The Heavens" e "En plein air".
Michele Borzoni, Pietro Paolini, Simone Donati, Rocco Rorandelli - TERRAPROJECT
Video featuring images from Land INC