Tunisia: in the name of a Culture of Peace.


After the appeal of the Nobel Laureate for Peace 2015, Abdessatar Ben Moussa, to support the democratic reform process after the 2011 pacific revolution, the city of Florence takes action by signing a Cooperation Agreement with the City of Tunis and Mayor Sefallah Lasram, also president of the National Federation of Tunisian Cities.
In the agreement collaborations between the University of Florence, our city managers and highest levels of the Parliament who are now developing the new Constitution and the new Code for Local Autonomies.
During 2016 several initiatives took place to support the economy, defeat terrorist threat in the name of a Culture of Peace.
The concert of the National Opera House Orchestra - Maggio Musicale Fiorentino – at El Jem festival and the twinning agreement between the Bardo and Florentine City Museums are just to first steps to affirm arts a culture as a vehicle for dialogue and peace.