Lorenzo Giorgi

“Liter of Light” - the Zayed Future Energy Prize award winning project.

Lorenzo Giorgi, international cooperator. He graduated in Prato, as a surveyor at 19 (in 2008), the same year he enrolled at 'University of Civil Engineering of Florence, especially to pursue his passion, in structural and architectural design. In 2009 he left for his first trip to Tanzania where he will visit all the humanitarian projects of the missionary congregation of the Sisters of the 'Order of St. Gemma Galgani Dodoma.

In 2010, after finishing the architectural design of a furnace and a canteen for the outskirts of the capital of Tanzania, Dodoma, he leaves the University of Engineering and returns to Tanzania with the group that had formed around the project, and will finalize the project He will return several times in Tanzania and Kenya working to Santa Gemma Hospital Center.

In 2011 he enrolled in the course "Economic Development and International Cooperation at the University of Florence and is co-founder of the charity Help Birth And with whom will develop projects in Senegal in the next two years and will create a docu-reality of the trip Florence - Dakar where in the car, crossing Morocco, Mauritania and Western Sahara will seek inspiration for his work.

In 2014 comes into contact with Illac Diaz and his project Liter of Light. The college career is set aside, accomplices also not good relations with some professors, and began working with Liter of Light Global as head of studies of pre - feasibility for the African continent, a few months later became Executive Director of the Italian section in 2015 and European Coordinator of Global Liter of Light.