Ellen Baker

MD, MPH Director, Project ECHO Division of Cancer Prevention & Population Sciences - University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas, USA

Ellen Baker is a physician with expertise in problem solving, planning, development, management and execution of operational programs, writing, public relations and involvement in US governmental and international programs developed during a thirty-year career with NASA as an astronaut and medical officer.

Ellen Baker is currently Director of Project ECHO at UT MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Project ECHO is a telementoring program connecting specialty experts at MD Anderson Cancer Center with primary care providers in rural and underserved areas to provide consultations and assistance in co-management of patients, to improve patient outcomes, improve provider clinical skills and increase local capacity. We currently operate two domestic Project ECHO programs related to cancer prevention, including management of cervical dysplasia (South Texas), and tobacco treatment in patients with mental illness (Texas-wide), and two international Project ECHO programs (Zambia and Mozambique) to provide multidisciplinary support for management of invasive cervical cancer and breast cancer. Additional Project ECHO programs in development include palliative care in low resource settings, cancer survivorship training for family practice residents in Texas and prevention and management of cervical cancer in Latin America.