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Mission statement
Kotor is drop-dead gorgeous from every angle. Within the city walls, locals sip strong coffee at pavement cafes and queue for warm bread at the bakers amid a dreamy maze of alleys and plazas; beyond them, the mountain-encircled, fjordlike bay of the same name is one of the most photogenic spots in all of Europe. Better still, the cruise ships have yet to overwhelm this marvel of the Med – get here before they drop anchor.

World heritage site
Together with its surroundings due to its unique mixture of different cultural influences it has been entered in UNESCO’s list of world’s heritage. The area of world’s heritage covers 12.000ha of land and 2.600ha of the sea area. As a natural phenomenon, the Boka Kotorska Bay was formed as a fjord of exceptional beauty, for which in 2000. it was included in the club of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World. Kotor is among few of Mediterranean towns which has preserved its fortification system up to today. The walls surrounding the old town of Kotor were one of the main motives and reasons why the UNESCO put Kotor on the list of the world natural and cultural heritage in 1979.

Kotor is Montenegrin capital of culture as it was able to preserve its distinctiveness through a number of unique manifestations and events such as fashinada, winter and summer carnival, Boka night, Kotor Children Theater festival , Kotor Art Festival, Refresh festival, Searock festival and many others.KotorArt has a thought-out concept of carefully selected artists, programs and locations, with excellent organization.From July 1 to August 17, the Festival is going to gather in Kotor over 1000 artists from all over the world, and at some thirty venues in Kotor and the Bay, there are over 200 diverse artistic and scientific programs.For fifteen years, KotorArt has become a great and important idea, a part of the Kotor and Montenegrin cultural identity.KotorArt Festival devotedly cultivates the idea that Kotor, a town that belongs to the world’s cultural heritage under the protection of UNESCO, is an ideal place for flooding each street and square with art. KotorArt, nowadays the most complex art festival in Montenegro, bears the signs of an event of national importance, enjoys an international reputation, brings together great artists from around the world, and attracts a wide range of audiences with its quality and diversity. The core values of this elaborate multi-artistic event are: artistic quality, diversification of programs and audience, expansion of the festival activities, both in terms of time and inclusion of other fields (education, tourism, environmental activities, publishing, etc.), strong ties with the local community, and strengthening the spirit of belonging, while at the same time the festival contributes towards a desirably positive identity of the town.

Popular Lonely Planet's Best in Travel yearbook for 2016 has named Kotor as the number one city to visit in the world. Kotor is also among 10 European best destinations, together with Zadar, Paris, Nantes, Brussels, Athens and others...The most famous portal dedicated to cruising tourism the “Cruise critics” enlisted Kotor among TOP FIVE cruising destinations at the Mediterranean.Kotor received PRO PR Vision City award for good communication with the public and media and for representing Montenegro in the best way.

International cooperation
Kotor is among leading Montenegrin municipalities in international cooperation and EU integration.
Kotor is member of international associations of cities based on UNESCO principles of development for locations of universal value, multiethnical principles of spreading the culture of peace and integrative principles of the EU:

  • Organization of World Heritage Cities
  • Club of World's most beautiful Bays
  • Network of walled cities of the Mediterranean
  • Forum of cities along the Silk Road
  • Adriatic and Ionian Euroregion
  • Forum of Adriatic and Ionian Cities
  • International association of Peace messanger cities of the UN
  • Mayors for Peace
  • Association of multiethnic cities of South – Eastern Europe

Kotor has 12 sister cities. Kotor is a reliable partner in realization of international projects. It has an intensive communication with EU bodies and international organizations, oriented towards regional cooperation – one of three foreign affairs priorities of Montenegro, creating partnerships in international projects and applying modern knowledge and best praxis while connecting with key actors from neighbouring countries and member countries of EU on project basis.

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